Wedding Cakes

We're not just a danish bakery! We have wedding cakes, birthday cakes and specialized cakes for any occasion.


If you only had one cookie to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? A huge selection of different cookies and cupcakes daily.


Danishes, Coffee Cakes and much much more.

Our Story

Carlsbad Danish Bakery is a family owned and operated full service retail bakery. Our mission is to provide our customers with delicious baked goods, served in a warm, friendly atmosphere with the highest quality ingredients.  We invite you to tantalize your taste buds at the bakery, your home or at your business.

Wedding Cakes

Carlsbad Danish Bakery has been creating top quality, great tasting professional wedding cakes for over 25 years.   From elegant simplicity to flights of fancy, your unique style and tastes are reflected to ensure that you have a delicious and beautiful wedding cake on your special day with our tasty treats..


All of our baked delicacies are available for catering. From continental breakfasts to business events, cocktail parties and formal dinners, we are happy to prepare a platter of morning pastries, muffins, desserts or cakes to suit your needs. Contact us today and we will help you decide on the perfect selection.